Gerald Hansen

Member of the Crime Writers Association and the Mystery Writers of America, bestselling author Gerald Hansen was a Navy brat. He started school in Thailand, graduated high school in Iceland, with Germany, California and his mother's hometown of Derry, Northern Ireland in between. He attended Dublin City University, and also lived in London and Berlin. His crime series, the Derry Murder Mysteries, has been a great success, #1 Police Procedural, # International Mystery & Suspense, #1 Crime and #1 Northern Irish Crime.  The first of his Derry Women Series, An Embarrassment of Riches, was an ABNA semifinalist in 2011.  He also has a travelogue series, Around The World With Jet Lag Jerry. He loves music, spicy food, wearing Ben Sherman and traveling the world (still).

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Three Times A Killer

Derry Murder Mysteries
Book #3 from the series: Derry Murder Mysteries

 DI Liam McLaughlin and DS Nancy D'Arcy are seasoned pros, but even their skills are stretched when a battered body turns up an alley across from the hair salon. Declan Hoagett was a seemingly harmless wino who spent his days hanging out on the street corner where the bank used to be. He rarely asked for handouts, though occasionally burst...

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Death in Small Measures

Derry Murder Mysteries
Book #2 from the series: Derry Murder Mysteries

 It was one drink too many for 72-year-old Evelyn Guilfoyle, found dead the morning after a raucous party in the family’s back garden pub. But the woman had a terminal illness and would have been dead before the year was out anyway. Why the hurry...?

Family, friends and neighbors had crammed into the tiny pub that night. DI Liam McLaughlin...

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You'll Get Yours

Derry Murder Mysteries
Book #1 from the series: Derry Murder Mysteries

Supermarket shelf stacker Regina Steps has been strangled, stripped to her underwear, and her body forced into a gruesome position atop one of the cannons of Derry’s historic city walls. For seasoned DI Liam McLaughlin and the ragtag officers of the Major Investigation Team, it’s a murder they’ve never seen the likes of before.

Middle-aged Regina...

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