Derry Women

An Embarrassment of Riches

Derry Women Series
Book #1 from the series: Derry Women

 When Ursula Barnett and her husband Jed win the Irish lottery, they think their troubles are over. But they are just beginning.

Ursula coerces her Yank husband to retire in her hometown of Derry, Northern Ireland, hoping to atone for her youthful sins as a collaborator with the IRA in the 1970s. At the first sniff of Ursula s lotto win,...

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Hand in the Till

Book #2 from the series: Derry Women

Desperate mother of seven, Fionnuala Flood, thinks her new get-rich-quick scheme will pay all the bills, but instead it threatens to tear the family apart.

The case of bargain bin canned vegetables she bought for the scam contains not spuds but explosives. A wilting branch of the defunct IRA will stop at nothing to get them back. Adding to the...

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Fleeing the Jurisdiction

Derry Women Series
Book #3 from the series: Derry Women

 It's danger on the high seas for the Barnetts, but will it come from the authorities, Mother Nature or family Flood?

In Wisconsin six years ago, Ursula Barnett accidentally committed a shocking crime. The statute of limitations is inching closer, and the police are circling in. Panicked, Ursula books herself and her American family passage...

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Best Served Frozen

Book #4 from the series: Derry Women

Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but hardened mother of seven Fionnuala Flood plans on serving hers up frozen. Or so she thinks.

The bells are ringing out in Derry, Northern Ireland, as the dirt-poor Floods and the rich and entitled Riddells prepare for the pairing in matrimony of their families and a bridging of the gap between the two...

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Static Cling

Book #5 from the series: Derry Women

When an armed robbery at Final Spinz, the dry cleaners where hardened matriarch Fionnuala Flood works, leads to the death of beloved pensioner Mrs. Ming, the ensuing investigation unleashes dark secrets that promise to bring Fionnuala closer to her husband Paddy, her mother Maureen, and the four children of her brood still in town. Or tear them...

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Emergency Exit

Book #8 from the series: Derry Women

Destination: nowhere. Just what are the career alternatives for a disenchanted flight attendant? And after a decade of wrong choices, can she finally grow up?

Gretchen Barnett, slogging daily through the unfriendly skies on Nickel and Dime, America's most loathed budget airline, tries to upgrade her life as her twenties draw to an end. In...

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Book #10 from the series: Derry Women

While desperately cramming to appear on the TV quiz show Useless, Fionnuala Flood discovers many things about the world she had never cared to know. The most alarming to her is what scientists are up to in an underground tunnel in Switzerland: smashing atoms together at close to the speed of light. She’s heard that toying with these things will...

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Wind Chill

Book #12 from the series: Derry Women

Even Ursula is shocked when she discovers the secret of her Irish stew. But just what is that secret...?

At the height of the Cold War, St. Patrick’s Day is swiftly approaching the US Naval air base perched on the lava fields of Iceland. Derry woman Ursula has never given her stew recipe much thought, but when she and her best mate Reenie are...

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