Book #1 from the series: Derry Murder Mysteries

You'll Get Yours

Derry Murder Mysteries

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Supermarket shelf stacker Regina Steps has been strangled, stripped to her underwear, and her body forced into a gruesome position atop one of the cannons of Derry’s historic city walls. For seasoned DI Liam McLaughlin and the ragtag officers of the Major Investigation Team, it’s a murder they’ve never seen the likes of before.

Middle-aged Regina might have kept herself to herself, but she always had a smile for everyone she came across. Who could possibly have wanted to do her harm? Was she just unlucky, the victim of a deranged killer striking at random?

But as the team delve deeper into her checkered past, they uncover shocking truths Regina Steps kept well hidden under that bad perm of hers. As the list of suspects grows, so too does the notion the murders might have only begun.

The first in the Derry Murder Mysteries series, You'll Get Yours is a gripping, gritty mystery thriller with jaw-dropping twists and a touch of Gerald Hansen’s signature dark humor.