Book #3 from the series: Derry Murder Mysteries

Three Times A Killer

Derry Murder Mysteries

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 DI Liam McLaughlin and DS Nancy D'Arcy are seasoned pros, but even their skills are stretched when a battered body turns up an alley across from the hair salon. Declan Hoagett was a seemingly harmless wino who spent his days hanging out on the street corner where the bank used to be. He rarely asked for handouts, though occasionally burst into song. Nobody would kill him for that, would they?

More baffling, why does Hoagett seem to have been killed three different ways? Are they looking for three perps? It's up to McLaughlin, D'Arcy and those from Derry's Major Investigation Team to uncover their most heartless murderer yet.

The third of the Derry Murder Mysteries, Three Times A Killer is another gripping, gritty mystery thriller with jaw-dropping twists and a touch of Gerald Hansen’s signature dark humor.