Book #8 from the series: Derry Women

Emergency Exit

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Destination: nowhere. Just what are the career alternatives for a disenchanted flight attendant? And after a decade of wrong choices, can she finally grow up?

Gretchen Barnett, slogging daily through the unfriendly skies on Nickel and Dime, America's most loathed budget airline, tries to upgrade her life as her twenties draw to an end. In desperation, she applies to the NYPD. And a chance encounter with a stranger on a malfunctioning escalator in New York's Union Square seems to be the escape she needs.

Charming, supportive, honest, romantic, a poet, even: all the things Maximus Voo turns out not to be. Moving him in is more dangerous than boarding one of Nickle and Dime's planes. But who is it dangerous for?

Brimming with insight and wicked humor, bestselling author Gerald Hansen spins off to exciting new territory with Emergency Exit, a twisty modern tale of one woman’s struggle to find North on her moral compass. Join Gretchen on her journey through the rapture of new love, the turmoil that follows, a winning scratch card, and a mysterious dump on the kitchen floor.